Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Fate Dice Intervals
What does a "normal" distribution of rolls from a fair set of Fate dice look like? There are a lot of ways to estimate it. In this post I'll go through four methods.
Matching Cars with Siamese Networks
Matching the same object across separate images is tough, but Siamese networks can learn to do it pretty well! Read on for details.
Object Localization without Deep Learning
Finding objects in images can be hard if you have only a little data. In this post I examine a few approaches that work with few training examples!
Fate Dice Statistics
My friends and I played a Fate RPG for over two years. During that time we rolled a lot of dice and developed a lot of superstitions, but were any of them correct?
Caltrain Visual Schedule
In 1878, Marey published a famous visual train schedule based on work by Ibry. What would it look like for Silicon Valley's Caltrain? Come find out!
Visualizing Multiple Data Distributions
Need to compare a set of distributions of some variable? Histograms are OK, but try something fancier! Read on to learn about box, strip, swarm, and violin plots!
SWITRS: Car Crashes After Daylight Saving Time
Day light saving time leaves us drowsy and cranky at work, but it also leads to an increase in traffic collisions! Find out exactly how many more there are with this analysis!
SWITRS: On What Days Do Motorcycles Crash?
Motorcycles riders are a different breed, born to chase excitment! So when do they crash? Using California's SWITRS data I find out! I'll give you a hint: it is not on the way to their 9-5!
Software Testing for Data Science
Much of data science involves writing code; for data cleaning, parsing, and modeling. Software tests can ensure that your code does what you think it does!
Eldar: A Bright, High-contrast Color Scheme for Vim
Check out Eldar, my custom Vim color scheme based on elflord. It is a bright, high-contrast theme that looks great in the terminal or GUI!