Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Software Testing for Data Science
Much of data science involves writing code; for data cleaning, parsing, and modeling. Software tests can ensure that your code does what you think it does!
Eldar: A Bright, High-contrast Color Scheme for Vim
Check out Eldar, my custom Vim color scheme based on elflord. It is a bright, high-contrast theme that looks great in the terminal or GUI!
Lab41 Reading Group: Swapout: Learning an Ensemble of Deep Architectures
Want to train a network but unsure about dropout vs. stochastic depth? Should you use a ResNet? Stop worry and use Swapout; it does all that and more!
SWITRS: On What Days Do People Crash?
What day of the year has the most car crashes? The fewest? Find out as I look at California's crash data! Hint: they're both holidays!
Introducing 'SWITRS to SQLite'
The State of California stores information about all the traffic collisions in the state in the SWITRS database; this script lets you convert it to SQLite for easy querying!
Lab41 Reading Group: Skip-Thought Vectors
Word embeddings are great and should be your first stop for doing word based NLP. But what about sentences? Read on to learn about skip-thought vectors, a sentence embedding algorithm!
Jupyter Notebooks: Not for Development
Jupyter Notebooks are great for a lot of things; development of code is not one of them.
WhereTo.Photo: Using Data Science to Take Great Photos
Where is the best spot to take a photo in San Francisco? Learn how I answered this question with my Insight Data Science project!
Lab41 Reading Group: Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition
Inception, AlexNet, VGG... There are so many network architectures, which one should you be using? The one everyone else is: ResNet! Come find out how it works!
Lab41 Reading Group: Deep Compression
Deep learning is the future, but how can I fit a battery-drain, half-gigabyte network on my phone? You compress it! Come find out how deep compression saves space and power!