Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Eldar: A Bright, High-contrast Color Scheme for Vim
Check out Eldar, my custom Vim color scheme based on elflord. It is a bright, high-contrast theme that looks great in the terminal or GUI!
Lab41 Reading Group: Swapout: Learning an Ensemble of Deep Architectures
Want to train a network but unsure about dropout vs. stochastic depth? Should you use a ResNet? Stop worry and use Swapout; it does all that and more!
SWITRS: On What Days Do People Crash?
What day of the year has the most car crashes? The fewest? Find out as I look at California's crash data! Hint: they're both holidays!
Introducing 'SWITRS to SQLite'
The State of California stores information about all the traffic collisions in the state in the SWITRS database; this script lets you convert it to SQLite for easy querying!
Lab41 Reading Group: Skip-Thought Vectors
Word embeddings are great and should be your first stop for doing word based NLP. But what about sentences? Read on to learn about skip-thought vectors, a sentence embedding algorithm!
Jupyter Notebooks: Not for Development
Jupyter Notebooks are great for a lot of things; development of code is not one of them.
WhereTo.Photo: Using Data Science to Take Great Photos
Where is the best spot to take a photo in San Francisco? Learn how I answered this question with my Insight Data Science project!
Lab41 Reading Group: Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition
Inception, AlexNet, VGG... There are so many network architectures, which one should you be using? The one everyone else is: ResNet! Come find out how it works!
Lab41 Reading Group: Deep Compression
Deep learning is the future, but how can I fit a battery-drain, half-gigabyte network on my phone? You compress it! Come find out how deep compression saves space and power!
Lab41 Reading Group: Deep Networks with Stochastic Depth
Dropout successfully regularizes networks by dropping nodes, but what if we went one step further? Find out how stochastic depth improves your network by dropping whole layers!