Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
SWITRS: Differences in Vehicle Collision Rates by Manufacturer During COVID-19
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. Toyota drivers stayed home, Ford drivers did not; why?!
Plotting the 2021 Tour de France
The 2021 Tour de France turned out much differently from last year's edition! See exactly how it unfolded in this post.
SWITRS: Increase In Traffic Fatalities After COVID-19 Lock Down
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. As expected, traffic volume decreased, but what happened to rate of fatal accidents? They skyrocketed!
The Data Science Spectrum:
From Analyst to Machine Learning

Data science has left the era of the Unicorn and entered the era of the team, but that means there is now a whole spectrum of data science jobs. Here is what they do.
The Data Science Split:
From Unicorns to Teams

When data science started the job covered everything from setting up databases to running experiments to making models. But finding Unicorns was impossible; something had to give.
Where to Host Public Datasets?
When I released the SWITRS dataset, I had to find a place to host a 5 Gig dataset. Here is what I learned.
Jupyter Notebook Templates for Data Science: Plotting Time Series
Jumpstart your time series visualizations with this Jupyter plotting notebook!
Making Custom Markdown for Github Pages
I love Markdown, I take all my notes in it and write my blog in it. But sometimes you want to create new syntax; read on to find out how!
Data Science Interview Practice: Machine Learning Case Study
A common interview type for data scientists and machine learning engineers is the ML case study. Read on for an example of how I solve them!
Data Science Interview Practice: Data Manipulation
I often get asked how to practice data science interviews, so here is a practice dataset with a set of questions to answer. Good luck!