Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Claude Solves SAT Analogies
Word2Vec failed to solve SAT analogies, can modern language models do better? A small test of Anthropic's Claude LLM.
When Are Large Language Models Useful?
Large language models (LLMs) are incredibly valuable tools, but they're not for everything. Here's a simple rule to know when to use them and when to avoid them.
How I Write with ChatGPT
OpenAI's ChatGPT is viewed as entertaining but not useful because it makes up facts. But I find it incredibly valuable for writing. Here is how I use it.
AI, Artists, and Technology
AI generated art took off with the open-source release of Stable Diffusion, leaving some artists worried. As an artist and machine learning engineer, here is my take.
SWITRS: Pedestrian Safety on Halloween
Halloween can be a dangerous time for pedestrians. In this post, I explore the statistics on pedestrian-vehicle collisions, including when these incidents are most likely to occur.
SWITRS: On What Days Do Drivers Hit Pedestrians?
Being a pedestrian is dangerous in a world built for automobiles. In this post explore how pedestrian-involved collisions have trended in time. Take a look!
Using Scikit-learn Pipelines with Pandas Dataframes
Pandas and scikiet-learn are two important libraries for building machine learning models. Here is how to get them to work together.
Computing Machine Learning Features in Real-time
Models often derive great value from real-time features, but computing them is hard because it has to be done quickly. Here is one way I have done it successfully.
Plotting the 2022 Tour de France
The 2022 Tour de France saw a new winner, Jonas Vingegaard! See how he won in this post!
Comparing Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com Price Estimates in Time
How do various online brokers' home price estimates change in time? I use a recently sold house near my neightborhood to find out. Come check it out!