Hi there!

I’m Alex Gude, a data scientist with a passion for plots and algorithms, but also cycling and photography. I got my start in the valley at Insight Data Science. In my previous life, I was a high energy particle physicist at CERN and a cosmologist at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

I write about whatever catches my attention here on this site; mostly that means data science, machine learning, deep learning, and software development related topics. My writings on deep learning from my time at Lab41 can be found at Gab41 and rehosted on this page. If you’re interested in my thoughts in real time, follow me on Twitter: @alex_gude

The code that I write lives on my Github page. Check it out! Bug reports and pull requests welcome!

Recent Writings

Below you can find my most recent articles and projects; older ones can be found here:

The Pyramid and the Spire: Management and Individual Contributer Tracks
Data science has left the era of the Unicorn and entered the era of the team, but that means there is now a whole spectrum of data science jobs. Here is what they do.
Data Science, Compensation, and Asking for Money
Advice about data science salaries and examples from my career of negotiating your offer.
SWITRS: Differences in Vehicle Collision Rates by Manufacturer During COVID-19
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. Toyota drivers stayed home, Ford drivers did not; why?!
Plotting the 2021 Tour de France
The 2021 Tour de France turned out much differently from last year's edition! See exactly how it unfolded in this post.
SWITRS: Increase In Traffic Fatalities After COVID-19 Lock Down
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. As expected, traffic volume decreased, but what happened to rate of fatal accidents? They skyrocketed!