Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Rise and Fall of Popular Names
The popularity of baby names rises and falls based on the tastes of each generation of parents. Are their preferences the same for boy's names as for girl's names? I plot the trends to find out!
Should I Get a PhD?
In 2009, having little or no money in my purse, I thought I would go to graduate school in physics. But was it the right idea? And should you follow in my footsteps?
Fate Dice: Statistics Testing Is Hard
A few months ago I tested my Fate dice for biases. Now, I retest the "biased" set and see if it really is unlucky! Unfortunately, things aren't so clear...
How Fast Does a Raspberry Pi Reboot?
My Raspberry Pis have to reboot every evening to avoid a memory leak. As they say, when you have a memory leak, make animated plots to see how fast they reboot!
Updated Caltrain Visual Schedule
In July, Caltrain updated their weekend schedule to allow time to do track work, so I updated my Marey/Ibry/Serjev visual schedules to see how it changed!
Tech Interviews: Respect Everyone's Time
Interviewing is notoriously agonizing for both the candidate and the company! But it could be much better! Here I propose one guiding principle to make it easier on everyone.
Fate Dice Intervals
What does a "normal" distribution of rolls from a fair set of Fate dice look like? There are a lot of ways to estimate it. In this post I'll go through four methods.
Matching Cars with Siamese Networks
Matching the same object across separate images is tough, but Siamese networks can learn to do it pretty well! Read on for details.
Object Localization without Deep Learning
Finding objects in images can be hard if you have only a little data. In this post I examine a few approaches that work with few training examples!
Fate Dice Statistics
My friends and I played a Fate RPG for over two years. During that time we rolled a lot of dice and developed a lot of superstitions, but were any of them correct?