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Sometimes I write reviews of things or offer unsolicited advice. Those article appear below:

My Favorite Books of 2023
After abandoning social media in 2023, I read books instead. Read on for my favorites.
A 1850-mile Review of the RadWagon 3
The RadWagon electric cargo bike was a savior during lockdown family rides, but frustrating maintenance and support issues disappoint. Read on for my in-depth review.
AI, Artists, and Technology
AI generated art took off with the open-source release of Stable Diffusion, leaving some artists worried. As an artist and machine learning engineer, here is my take.
Vim: I still love hjkl
A lot of Vim users think you grow out of using hjkl for movement. After 17 years, I haven't. Here's why.
A Review of Nookdesk's Standing Desk
I bought a Nookdesk standing desk now that I'm working from home; I like it! Read on for a detailed review.
Should I Go To Insight Data Science?
Insight promises an easy transition from academia to a career in data science or machine learning, but is it the right program for you? I have a few words of advice offered from experience.
Should I Get a PhD?
In 2009, having little or no money in my purse, I thought I would go to graduate school in physics. But was it the right idea? And should you follow in my footsteps?
Tech Interviews: Respect Everyone's Time
Interviewing is notoriously agonizing for both the candidate and the company! But it could be much better! Here I propose one guiding principle to make it easier on everyone.