Pandora's Star

Book cover of Pandora's Star.
Book 1 of the Commonwealth Saga


I couldn’t put Pandora’s Star down! It is a sci-fi book that reads more like a thriller. There were always new mysteries that just a few more pages promised the answers to.

The book takes place in a universe where trains running through interstellar wormholes are the main form of transportation. It deals with themes of:

But it doesn’t really linger on these questions; it’s an action movie in book form.

The main plot kicks off when a star suddenly disappears. The humans, being curious, decide to find out why. This forces the human Commonwealth to build their first real starships. Given that the title is “Pandora” you would rightfully guess that humanity’s curiosity is costly: they unleash an aggressive alien species that launches a genocidal war against the unprepared Commonwealth.

The book is LONG but the story keeps moving. The cast is huge which makes the universe feel big, but also means that sometimes it’s hundreds and hundreds of pages before you return to a story thread that ended on a cliffhanger. The various plot lines all feel related although you can’t see exactly how yet. The ending is abrupt, but that’s because Pandora’s Star is the first half of the series, which is concludes in Judas Unchained.