Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Plotting the 2021 Tour de France
The 2021 Tour de France turned out much differently from last year's edition! See exactly how it unfolded in this post.
SWITRS: Increase In Traffic Fatalities After COVID-19 Lock Down
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. As expected, traffic volume decreased, but what happened to rate of fatal accidents? They skyrocketed!
The Data Science Spectrum:
From Analyst to Machine Learning

Data science has left the era of the Unicorn and entered the era of the team, but that means there is now a whole spectrum of data science jobs. Here is what they do.
The Data Science Split:
From Unicorns to Teams

When data science started the job covered everything from setting up databases to running experiments to making models. But finding Unicorns was impossible; something had to give.
Where to Host Public Datasets?
When I released the SWITRS dataset, I had to find a place to host a 5 Gig dataset. Here is what I learned.
Jupyter Notebook Templates for Data Science: Plotting Time Series
Jumpstart your time series visualizations with this Jupyter plotting notebook!
Making Custom Markdown for Github Pages
I love Markdown, I take all my notes in it and write my blog in it. But sometimes you want to create new syntax; read on to find out how!
Data Science Interview Practice: Machine Learning Case Study
A common interview type for data scientists and machine learning engineers is the ML case study. Read on for an example of how I solve them!
Data Science Interview Practice: Data Manipulation
I often get asked how to practice data science interviews, so here is a practice dataset with a set of questions to answer. Good luck!
Introducing the SWITRS SQLite Hosted Dataset
California traffic collision data has been hard to get, that's why I am now curating and hosting it! Come take a look!