Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Using Scikit-learn Pipelines with Pandas Dataframes
Pandas and scikiet-learn are two important libraries for building machine learning models. Here is how to get them to work together.
Computing Machine Learning Features in Real-time
Models often derive great value from real-time features, but computing them is hard because it has to be done quickly. Here is one way I have done it successfully.
Plotting the 2022 Tour de France
The 2022 Tour de France saw a new winner, Jonas Vingegaard! See how he won in this post!
Comparing Zillow, Redfin, and Realtor.com Price Estimates in Time
How do various online brokers' home price estimates change in time? I use a recently sold house near my neightborhood to find out. Come check it out!
A Career Involves Luck: My Annotated Resume
My career has been a great success so far and a lot of that success has been due to luck. In this post I catalog all the lucky breaks I can remember in the form of a resume.
Vim: I still love hjkl
A lot of Vim users think you grow out of using hjkl for movement. After 17 years, I haven't. Here's why.
Comparing Zillow and Redfin Price Estimates in Time
How do Zillow and Redfin's home price estimates change in time? I use a recently sold house in my neightborhood to find out. Come check it out!
Gatekeeper Teams of the Overwatch League
In the Overwatch League, a "gatekeeper" team is one that beats all the lower ranked teams but can't beat higher ranked teams. I use match data to determine which teams are each season's gatekeeper.
Comparing Pre- and Post-sale Estimates of the Price of a House
Can Zillow and Redfin predict prices accurately? I look at a house sold in my neighborhood and compare the sale price to the price predicted by Zillow and Redfin before they knew it was for sale.
Comparison of My Three Sons' Language Development
I recorded the words my sons spoke as they learned our various languages and now I compare how each developed! Read on to find out how each son learned.