Topic: Generative AI

The release of the first major generative AI models, like Stable Diffusion for images and ChatGPT for text, amazed me. Not since I first learned to program have computers felt so magical. I use generative AI to augment my creativity and speedup my work. My articles about generative AI, how I use it and what I think it is good for, can be found here:

Claude Solves SAT Analogies
Word2Vec failed to solve SAT analogies, can modern language models do better? A small test of Anthropic's Claude LLM.
When Are Large Language Models Useful?
Large language models (LLMs) are incredibly valuable tools, but they're not for everything. Here's a simple rule to know when to use them and when to avoid them.
How I Write with ChatGPT
OpenAI's ChatGPT is viewed as entertaining but not useful because it makes up facts. But I find it incredibly valuable for writing. Here is how I use it.
AI, Artists, and Technology
AI generated art took off with the open-source release of Stable Diffusion, leaving some artists worried. As an artist and machine learning engineer, here is my take.