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I am, unsurprisingly, a huge nerd who loves board games, roleplaying games, etc. I often combine gaming with my love of coding and data, and sometimes I write about it. You can find those articles here:

Gatekeeper Teams of the Overwatch League
In the Overwatch League, a "gatekeeper" team is one that beats all the lower ranked teams but can't beat higher ranked teams. I use match data to determine which teams are each season's gatekeeper.
Fate Dice: Statistics Testing Is Hard
A few months ago I tested my Fate dice for biases. Now, I retest the "biased" set and see if it really is unlucky! Unfortunately, things aren't so clear...
Fate Dice Intervals
What does a "normal" distribution of rolls from a fair set of Fate dice look like? There are a lot of ways to estimate it. In this post I'll go through four methods.
Fate Dice Statistics
My friends and I played a Fate RPG for over two years. During that time we rolled a lot of dice and developed a lot of superstitions, but were any of them correct?
Dragon Farkle: Simulating the End Game
How many soldiers do you need to successful defeat the dragon in Dragon Farkle, and how likely to succeed is your attack? I find out by simulating a game of Dragon Farkle!