Topic: California Traffic Data

California maintains the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) which contains information about every traffic incident reported to the police from 2001 to 2020. I have used this dataset to do multiple analyses and I even curate the dataset and host it on Kaggle and Zenodo for easy access and download.

Below you can find my articles where I work with the dataset:

Using Large Language Models To Clean Data
Manually fixing messy data is tedious and slow. But thankfully, LLMs are pretty good are piecing together mangled text. Read on to find out how!
SWITRS: Pedestrian Safety on Halloween
Halloween can be a dangerous time for pedestrians. In this post, I explore the statistics on pedestrian-vehicle collisions, including when these incidents are most likely to occur.
SWITRS: On What Days Do Drivers Hit Pedestrians?
Being a pedestrian is dangerous in a world built for automobiles. In this post explore how pedestrian-involved collisions have trended in time. Take a look!
SWITRS: Differences in Vehicle Collision Rates by Manufacturer During COVID-19
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. Toyota drivers stayed home, Ford drivers did not; why?!
SWITRS: Increase In Traffic Fatalities After COVID-19 Lock Down
California was put under a stay-at-home order in March, 2020. As expected, traffic volume decreased, but what happened to rate of fatal accidents? They skyrocketed!
Where to Host Public Datasets?
When I released the SWITRS dataset, I had to find a place to host a 5 Gig dataset. Here is what I learned.
Introducing the SWITRS SQLite Hosted Dataset
California traffic collision data has been hard to get, that's why I am now curating and hosting it! Come take a look!
SWITRS: On What Days Do Cyclists Crash?
California crash data doesn't just cover cars, it covers bikes too! This time we look at when cyclists crash in California.
SWITRS: Car Crashes After Daylight Saving Time Ends
Day light saving time leaves leads to more traffic collisions, but what about when DST ends? Some researchers have found that it does lead to more crashes, so I take a look using California's SWITRS data.
SWITRS: Car Crashes After Daylight Saving Time
Day light saving time leaves us drowsy and cranky at work, but it also leads to an increase in traffic collisions! Find out exactly how many more there are with this analysis!
SWITRS: On What Days Do Motorcycles Crash?
Motorcycles riders are a different breed, born to chase excitment! So when do they crash? Using California's SWITRS data I find out! I'll give you a hint: it is not on the way to their 9-5!
SWITRS: On What Days Do People Crash?
What day of the year has the most car crashes? The fewest? Find out as I look at California's crash data! Hint: they're both holidays!
Introducing 'SWITRS to SQLite'
The State of California stores information about all the traffic collisions in the state in the SWITRS database; this script lets you convert it to SQLite for easy querying!