The Causal Angel

Book cover of The Causal Angel.
Book 3 of the Jean le Flambeur series


The Causal Angel is the last book in the Jean le Flambeur trilogy. We finally learn le Flambeur was hired to steal the Kaminari Jewel, a Zoku gem with the power to alter reality.

We discover that the Pellegrini extracted two people from the prison: Le Flamebeur and his corrupted copy, the All-Defector, who can predict and counter anyone’s actions. The Pellegrini intended to use the All-Defector as a backup plan if le Flambeur failed, but it betrays her. The All-Defector starts taking over the Sobornost and leads them into war against the Zoku to capture the Jewel. It wants to create a new universe before anyone else can—the ultimate defection.

Layers of scheming are revealed:

The book fleshes out the characters more, and for the first time I actually care bout Mieli, but they’re still the weakest part of the series. However, the book does a good job of wrapping up storylines and the ending is satisfying.

While I enjoyed The Fractal Prince slightly more, The Causal Angel was an ok ending to a ok trilogy.