Serpent Valley

Book cover of Serpent Valley.
Book 3 of the War Horses series


Serpent Valley, the third book in the War Horses series, is another quick, action-packed read—but without the flaws holding back its predecessors. Easily my favorite of the series so far!

The story is split into two parts:

Throughout the book, Vandal repairs and pilots one mech, gaining intimate knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. In a clever twist, he must leverage this understanding not to push the machine to its limits against the rebellion’s enemies, but to destroy it when a traitor steals the mech and deserts.

The plotting is tight, the pacing perfect. Unlike Ymir, transitions between plot lines flow seamlessly. The balanced mix of mystery, intrigue, and action show that the author has really figured out his characters, worldbuilding, and style. I can’t wait for the next book: Dog Soldier.