Dog Soldier

Book cover of Dog Soldier.
Book 4 of the War Horses series


Dog Soldier is the fourth book in the War Horses series. In it, Warren concludes the Cinto DaSelva campaign and further develops the setting’s backstory.

Although roughly the same length as the previous books in the series, Dog Soldier feels much shorter or, at least, quicker to get through. The book is divided into three main sections:

The transition between these three parts is not as clean as in the previous book, Serpent Valley, but still better than Ymir.

The mech battles are well written, with some unique twists, and feel like they have high stakes. The author has done a good job of scaling up the mimic threat, making it pivotal to both taking the capital and covering up Helene’s assassination.

The book sets up several possible future stories: Vandel’s courtship of Duri continues; Duri’s company has started to prototype true power-armor; the Romans are introduced as a super-advanced but disappeared faction; and the Paladin Devils from Chevalier are fleshed-out, with old grudges renewed.

With the Cinto DaSelva plot-line wrapped up, I’m excited to see where the next book, Grand Melee, will take us.