Book cover of Mattimeo.
Book 3 of the Redwall series


Mattimeo is the third book in the Redwall series. It begins with the kidnapping of the abbey children by Slagar the cruel and follows Mathias as he tries to save them.

The previous two books, Redwall and Mossflower, followed a similar structure: a warrior mouse embarks on a quest, finds a sword, returns, and uses the sword to defeat an evil commander and their army threatening the woodlanders of Mossflower. Mattimeo takes the series in a new direction.

The threat isn’t an evil leader and their army; it’s the cunning fox Slagar, who uses stealth and guile to kidnap the children of Redwall. Mathias and his fellow warriors must leave the abbey to recover their children, leading them to the lost abbey of Loamhedge and the underground kingdom of Malkariss. While they’re away, the “defenseless” abbey is occupied by birds from the North, who soon realize the humble woodlanders are still a formidable threat.

Everything you’d expect from a Brian Jacques Redwall book is present: action, adventure, feasting, the death of beloved characters, vengeance upon the villains, and now with two distinct plot lines. Mattimeo is Brian Jacques hitting his stride.

Once again, my kids loved it. They even cried as several favorite characters met heroic ends. On to Mariel of Redwall!