Below you can find my writings on machine learning, data science, and technology. Enjoy!
Jupyter Notebook Templates for Data Science
Jupyter notebooks are great for data exploration; jumpstart your work with this library of useful notebook templates!
My Terribly Clever(ly Terrible) Code
When I was young and naive I tried to write very clever code. Here is one of the worst examples.
Comparison of My Two Sons' Language Development
Being a nerd dad, I recorded all the words my first two sons spoke as they learned them. Now, I compare their language development rate!
My Second Son's Language Development
My second son is a little over two years old. We tracked every word he's spoken to watch his language development, and now you can observe it too!
Get Things Done by Tracking Them
As I've gotten more senior as a data scientist, I've found I have to keep track of more and more things. This is how I do it!
Improving Wikipedia's Tour de France Prize Money Plot
Time to improve another plot from Wikipedia. This time I tackle one showing the prize money in the Tour de France over time!
Interview Question: What Machine Learning Metric to Use
One of my favorite questions to ask in an interview is "What metric should you use to decide if your model works?". Read on to find out what a good answer looks like!
Using Travis Build Stages to Test Multiple Python Versions and Publish to Pypi
Often when building packages, we want to test against multiple versions of the language, and then build the package once. I will show you how to accomplish this using Travis Stages.
Plotting the 2019 Tour de France
The Tour de France is a sporting event decided by mere minutes; to see exactly how those minutes were earned, read on for my plots!
Improving Wikipedia's Hour Record Plot
I love Wikipedia, I love cycling, and I love data! So today, I improve Wikipedia's Hour Record Plot! Come take a look!