Hi there!

I’m Alex Gude, a data scientist with a passion for plots and algorithms, but also cycling and photography. I got my start in the valley at Insight Data Science. In my previous life, I was a high energy particle physicist at CERN and a cosmologist at Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

I write about whatever catches my attention here on this site; mostly that means data science, machine learning, deep learning, and software development related topics. My old work blog (with mostly deep learning stuff) can be found at Gab41. If you’re interested in my thoughts in real time, follow me on Twitter: @alex_gude

The code that I write lives on my Github page. Check it out! Bug reports and pull requests welcome!

Recent Posts

Below you can find the most recent posts; older posts can be found on my blog:

Should I Get a PhD?
In 2009, having little or no money in my purse, I thought I would go to graduate school in physics. But was it the right idea? And should you follow in my footsteps?
Fate Dice: Statistics Testing Is Hard
A few months ago I tested my Fate Dice for biases. Now, I retest the "biased" set and see if it really is unlucky! Unfortunately, things aren't so clear...
How Fast Does a Raspberry Pi Reboot?
My Raspberry Pis have to reboot every evening to avoid a memory leak. As they say, when you have a memory leak, make animated plots to see how fast they reboot!
Updated Caltrain Visual Schedule
In July, Caltrain updated their weekend schedule to allow time to do track work, so I updated my Marey/Ibry/Serjev visual schedules to see how it changed!
Tech Interviews: Respect Everyone's Time
Interviewing is notoriously agonizing for both the candidate and the company! But it could be much better! Here I propose one guiding principle to make it easier on everyone.